One of the most commonly practised mistakes with choosing a contractor you have never worked with before is getting stung with poor workmanship, unfortunate incidentals & lousy service.

Abraxis offers one of the most detailed and tailored training programs to all painters that join our team. Each one of our staff has successfully completed our apprenticeship program which covers stepping foot on site up until clean-up and departure. This is the only way that we can guarantee a job done right! Many of of Master Painters have 10 to 15 year's experience so they are extremely knowledgeable on every aspect of the painting industry. All of our Abraxis Professionals are current with new product testing and safety training programs that are completed monthly so the home-owners can rest assured that Abraxis Painting will get the job done right!

Abraxis Painting has tailored its production process to create a "turnkey" process for all its customers. Highest attention is paid to taking care of all the details and minor imperfections, always making sure that all the clients furniture is fully covered and protected from paint & always operating a clean work environment that is kept organized and vacuumed . Abraxis values extreme cleanliness so that the project site looks less like a "site" and more like your home.

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