Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a Resurfacing and Floor Coating Agent which transforms concrete flooring into highly aesthetic, functional and safe areas for any practical work or leisure. Epoxy Flooring solutions are perfect for both Residential and Commercial concrete floor applications. With a wide array of materials and products available, Abraxis Painting is able to customize Epoxy Flooring or Concrete Sealing solutions to meet any durability needs, specifications or design requirements.

Although concrete is a very strong construction medium, the weakest point of any concrete surface is often the outer layer. This is the part which needs to be protected through coatings and regular maintenance. With various Concrete Sealant and Epoxy systems available, concrete surfaces in homes and business alike can possess long-lasting durability and performance. When concrete surfaces become directly exposed to dirt and damage, they become extremely complicated to maintain once damaged. Abraxis Painting provides professional, safe and practical solutions to the restoration and beautification of all concrete surfaces. Abraxis Painting is one of very few organizations who are capable and proven to provide reliable service and warranty maintenance on all Epoxy and Sealant Projects.

Here are some Home and Business areas where you may consider Epoxy or Sealing protection:

  • Residential Basements & Garage Floors
  • Concrete Footings & Steps
  • Concrete Masonry
  • Warehouse & Lobby flooring
  • Chemical Resistance or High clean-ability flooring needs
  • Any Concrete or stone substrates

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