Carpentry Installation

Specializing in many facets of residential renovations, Abraxis Painting also installs moldings such as baseboards, crown moldings, trim additions etc. Whether you are looking to install new baseboards and crown to give a room a new look or if you were thinking about adding extra trim throughout your home, Abraxis can guide you through the many options that are available.

Trim additions add sophistication and detail to any room. This step adds character and gives the impression of a design luxury feel. Installing new trim work is a renovation that adds significant value and signature look.

Crown molding adds character and larger feel by changing depth and detail. With many styles to choose from, there is something available no matter the style, traditional, contemporary or historical. With new trim additions, the customer has a choice to go with a paint grade finish or a stained finish with a clear sealer. With many types of wood that are available such as red & white oak, maple, walnut, ash etc., the client has an almost unlimited choice in designing their space.

Homeowners most frequently decide to change baseboards on 2 occasions, the installation of a new floor and damage. Whether the damage is from water, fire or being chewed by a pet, trim replacements are simple & straightforward. Homeowners are also upgrading the look of their homes by replacing old baseboards with new contemporary styles that measure 4" and more. The taller the baseboard, the more additions can be installed alongside.

Trim additions are normally installed on window frames and door casements to add girth and detail. In most cases, styles are available to match baseboards and crown moldings. Trim work adds to the finish of the room and adds a nice touch of elegance. Many patterns can be chosen.

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